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15 Mar

Today I found an awesome new way to do eyeliner!  It’s called tightlining, also known as invisible eyeliner.

First of all…I have to mention that there are two things that I hardly ever go without.  One is foundation and the next is, of course, eyeliner.  The only thing that really annoys the bonkers out of me is when I draw it on way too thick and I have to start all over again.  With this method of applying eyeliner, you don’t have to worry about putting it on too thick.

How to tightline:

Step 1:  Wash your hands! (This is very important in preventing eye infections)

Step 2:  Gently pull up on your eyelid to expose the skin under the lashes

Step 3:  Using either a pencil or gel eyeliner, dap between each individual lash.  Start at the inner corner and work your way out.

Now you have the look of a very natural eyeliner!  Not to mention your lashes look fuller!


Modelco Liquid Buds Eye Makeup Remover

14 Mar

So I found an AMAZING product yesterday for taking off eye makeup.  It’s called Modelco Liquid Buds Eye Makeup Remover.

The cool thing about this product is that you don’t have to scrub and irritate your eyes.  All you have to do is make a gentle swipe and ta-dah!  Your eye makeup is gone!  ALSO…if you’ve put your makeup on and made a smuge, just use one of these Liquid Buds and correct your mistake without having to start all over.  Pure genius.

Hey y’all!

13 Mar

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on DollfaceBeauty and I am SO excited to get this blog started!

So here’s the deal…I am a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations.  A month before graduation, I found out I was pregnant…eek!  While I was scared to death at the time, things turned out great for me and the baby and I am recently engaged to my boyfriend.

 Here’s a picture of me and my sweet little boy!

As of right now, I am a stay at home mom that is still trying to hold on to my hobbies.  And that brings us to MAKEUP!  From the second I got my hands on my mom’s makeup…I was hooked.  Throughout highschool, I was constantly trying new makeup styles and giving makeovers to my friends.  Then…in college I was constantly asked to do makeovers on many people I knew.

I’ve just recently begun to give makeovers from my home and am absolutely loving it!

So *cheer*s to all you bloggers out there!  Stay tuned for pics and videos!